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Here's a collection of videos and Testimonial you can use to promote our talk

Why am I sick - The story in 4.30mins

Your audience of Wellness Coaches may enjoy watching this video as Richard gives a background of how his work, Advanced Clearing Energetics and shares how it has come together over the past 20 years following the death of his mother. This video also links to an online Webinar that you can add you Affiliate link to.

How to finds and clear the shocks that cause disease

Why do we get sick? Hay House Author Richard Flook can show you how certain emotional shocks are linked to specific diseases. He’s spent 25 years researching and teaching his findings and has the science to prove why and how it works. Ricard can then coach you how to quickly find and clear the shocks, allowing you to heal - Naturally. 

The 5 Steps To Wellness

Richard shares his 5 Steps to coaching you and your client back to wellness naturally. 1. Redress your stress  2. Release your toxins  3. Reduce your inflammation  4. Rework your environment  5. Raise your energy. All great topics to save with your audience and amazing material never seen compiled in this way before. This video also links to an online Webinar that you can add you Affiliate link to.

5 Diseases and their link to specific stressful events 

Karin Davidson of speaks to Richard Flook  about specific clients with certain diseases or issues.Here you can be a fly on the wall with Karin and Richard as we go through 5 different diseases and their emotional cause. We discuss Alopecia, Lyme Disease,Breast Cancer (Ductal), A Broken Wrist, A Meniscus Tear of the Knee

Medical Doctor and Energist

"Richard is at the forefront of Energetic Disease Reversal"

Dr A Chambers came across Richard's work with a diagnosis od PTSD, Generalized Anxiety and unresolved trauma. He is a believer in a combined approach to disease management. He believes Ricard's work will part form the medicine of the future

- October 29th 2015

Specialist in Relieving Chronic Pain 

"One of the best mentors I have ever had"

Jonathan Shaw started working with Richard many years ago and now he is an author, international speaker and developer of many amazing new energetic interventions. He focusses primarily on Pain Relief. Getting incredible results where many other have failed. Here he tells it as it is...  

- March 23rd 2105

Doctor Tradition Chinese Medicine

"Richard has such a wealth of knowledge and experience"

Aaran Church is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine having learnt and practiced in mainland China. He has been practicing and learning Mind Body techniques for over 18 years. The results that the has been finding with clients he works with using ACE are really outstanding.

- April 6th 2015

ACE Webinar 1

"Discover how ACE can heal fear, diabetes and heart disease"

During this incredible webinar you will hear from Anette Schou Fransden, who talks about her experience using ACE and public speaking which people fear more than death itself. Dr Diana Stephanie (13.08) talks about her experience with ACE and her work and helping people become free of injecting insulin by clearing the root cause of their diabetes I&II using ACE (23.00).  and Jacqueline Michaud who I spoke about in the main video she recounts her heart healing story at (52.00)

International Medical Coach and Trainer

"One of the reason I am where I am in my life is because of Richard"

Shiri Ben Arzi took her rare chronic illness with its predicted low chance of survival, and turned everything completely around. She says that she would not be where she is now if it was not for Richard and his work.

 - April 6th 2015


"I totally recommend Richard - Get on Board "

Shona Linton says her world has been opened up in so different ways allowing for many new ideas and possibilities since working with Richard. She says Richard has allowed her to see the bridge between conventional and energetic approaches can be achieved  

- May 15th 2015

Supreme EFT Practitioner and Traner

"I would not be the professional I am today without Richard's input"

Karin is the co-author of the EFT certification course books and a successful EFT and Matrix professional and trainer. She is also a great friend of Richards and I mention her in the video as the person who assisted me with helping Kari overcome her depression.

- April 6th 2015

ACE Webinar 2

"Listen to a demonstration of ACE, learn about how to solve physical pain and how to heal abuse"

During this second incredible ACE Webinar Richard speaks with Jonathan Shaw about his work with pain and he shares stories about his clients healing from issues in days that would previously taken months. He also talks about Libby who I mention during the video (11.45). I do a quick demonstration of ACE on a spinal nerve issue that happened during an accident (15.00). And Anu Mehta from India who has been working with sexual, mental and physical abuse.(52.00)

Dr Diana Stephani-Hunyady MD MBA

"I have been searching for all my life for a real solution to be able to help people and a few years ago I came across the Advanced Clearing Energetics which blew my mind away. I could not understand many things that happen in the body through conventional medicine and years and years of research. I had all these processes explained and more than anything else I found solutions, ways to be able to heal people. I have experienced the process on myself and I have resolved fantastic health problems which I could not have resolved through conventional medicine and I was able to apply it and use it with other people as well. Compare it to anything you have found and you will see there is nothing else like it." June 2013

Dr Diana Stephani-Hunyady is a Specialist in infectious diseases, cardiac sugery, oncology, immunology, metabolic and nutritional problems. She lives in San Fransico and travels throughout the USA.

Alison Lingwood - Chartered Physiotherapist  

"My experience has been in dealing with chronic pain - only recently with the use of the Advanced Clearing Energetics do I feel that I can use these techniques in clinical practice because the results are fast and they last. All of the chronic/persistent pain that people experience is not addressing the energy stored in the brain, body and the heart. And the clients love the change in energy, they love the fact that they have dealt with emotional traumas without having to talk openly about their personal issues." November 2014

Alison Lingwood is a NHS Practicing Chartered Physiotherapist - BSc (Hons), Grad Dip Manip Ther, MCSP, HPC, MACP She lives and works near Dover in the UK

Karen Hilts - Business Administrator

"I worked with Richard as his Business administrator for many years. In 2011 I was asked to be a demonstration person on his online video course. I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome, particularly lactose intolerance, for most of my adult life. Unable to eat dairy and soy products and suffering almost immediately afterwards. Richard worked on my issue using Advanced Clearing Energetics. It’s now been a 3 years since the work and since that time, I have not experienced any further issues of stomach upset or the symptoms. I have also experienced and seen many other instances of the process working whilst working with Richard. Pain disappearing in minutes, never to return, lifelong medical issues being reversed right before my eyes. I have learned the process now myself and use it with my own family and friends when I see them suffering from different ailments and health concerns. It’s incredible." September 2014

Karen Hilts lives near Niagara Falls, Canada and works as a business administrator.

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