Show Your Audience How To Heal Chronic Issues - Naturally quickly finding and clearing the shocks that cause them

Richard Flook explains how we can easily share this information with your audience (2 mins)

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  • Discover how certain emotional shocks link to specific diseases and the proof that this is true
  • Why conventional and alternative practices are seriously compromised without healing the shocks that cause the illness first
  • What makes up an emotional shock that causes a disease, and how clearing it is what really starts the healing process
  • A real explanation of how chronic illness are caused by unconsciously reliving emotional shocks, and how conventional medicine can't see this, even though it's right under their nose!
  • The four nervous systems that react following an emotional shock, that cause an illness to occur, and how to use that ground-breaking information to heal naturally
  • Water! It's 80% of your body but how it's 100% the key to healing, and how top scientists are now agreeing with this incredible discovery
  • How your body is continuously telling you it's story of what's wrong, and how to use that information to truly heal your your body, your relationships and your life

Since the death of his mother from breast cancer when he was 12, and a herniated disc that rendered him unable to walk at age 37, Richard Flook has been asking the questions. ‘Why am I sick?’ and ‘How can I heal?’ His ongoing journey lead him to find there was a direct link between certain health problems and specific stressful events. He later discovered exactly how the body absorbs those traumatic situations. Curious to find out what would happen if he reversed that process, he experimented and found that the body would heal itself, completely naturally and often at lightning speed. He named the process Advanced Clearing Energetics or ACE for short, and lectures worldwide and trains ACE online to practitioners.


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