Richard Flook is the author of the book,”Why Am I Sick?- What’s Really wrong and how you can solve it using META-Medicine®” A pioneer of accelerated and advanced learning techniques and one of the most skilled practitioners of META-Medicine and NLP, Richard gets incredible results with terminal cancer clients, as well as those with everyday issues. Since early childhood, after the divorce of his parents and subsequent death of his mother from metastasized breast cancer, Richard had felt a deep compulsion to find an answer as to why this disease struck down the most important person in his life. In 2004 he had a chance meeting with Johannes Fisslinger, the president of the International META-Medicine® Association, which gave him the opportunity to study and teach this material. Richard and Johannes, along with a skilled team of medical doctors and experts, brought META-Medicine® into the international arena. Today, META-Medicine® is practiced worldwide.


Richard teaches courses online through his main website (WAIS) at all levels. Whether you’re interested in learning about META-Medicine at an introduction level or want to get Certified as a Practitioner, Health Coach or Master Health Coach, the WAIS website has a course online for you.

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